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What do bats eat?
Native British Bats like to eat insects which they usually catch mid air in the evening. They have very big appetites and one bat can eat over 3,000 insects a night for their tea!

Are bats really blind?
No but they do not have very good eyesight and their ears are more important to them than their eyes. They locate objects and insects using echo sounds called "echo location" which is similar to sonar which is such a quiet sound that humans cannot hear it.

So what's the squeaking sound I can hear when they fly?
Bat families "sing" to each other when they are flying to help them know where each family member is because they can't see very well.

Do bats make nests like birds?
No they "roost". They hang upside down when they want to sleep. They often make their roosts in hollowed out trees and occasionally in caves.

What is a baby bat called?
A baby bat is called pup and it drinks milk.