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Baby Bat lives in a village called Great Snoring, in sleepy rural Norfolk. He lives with his mummy, Beryl Bat, who's a little batty, and his daddy, Brian Bat who's an inventor.
The quirky Bat family, have been given special permission to rent the old oak tree at the bottom of the Poppleton's family garden. They must make a good impression on the human landlords because they want people to like them more, and indeed realise what jolly nice folk they are and not, in the least bit frightening!
Like lots of parents raising a young child often involves many lessons, much fun and of course plenty of humour; like most "children", Baby Bat can be mischievous and keen to have lots of adventures.
The charming moralistic stories have been written and illustrated by Emma Andrews and Simon Pink. The pair, whose friendship spans over two decades, provides a unique collaboration of fun and humour where their first title is brought to life in The Adventures of Baby Bat.
Unlike most children, Baby Bat is extremely fortunate because having a daddy who's an inventor really helps fuel his over active imagination and desire to visit places that most children can't because, he of course, can fly too and with daddy's help he can even go back in time...
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